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Co-Location Services

House your server in our secure, market leading data center facility.

Key Savings Benefits include:


Save the expense of building a secure, environmentally controlled data center with routers, switches, battery backup, and the personnel necessary to install and maintain it all.


At vDomainHosting, your server can be up and running in as little as 24 hours instead of days, weeks or months.


It takes specialized knowledge to setup and maintain server environments. The vDomainHosting team is unrivaled in the industry in terms of education and experience.

Key Feature Benefits include:

  • Environmentally controlled, secure facility
  • Mission critical power supply
  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Lots of bandwidth
  • Single or multiple servers
  • Availability Monitoring for hosts and services

Our Simple Plan:

  1. Complete our IP Request Form.
  2. You deliver your server to vDomainHosting.
  3. We place it on our high-speed, all-digital network, and assign IP numbers.

You're ready to go!

All you need is a remote access application such as telnet, SSH or pcAnywhere to communicate with and maintain your server. Once your server is online, we provide monitoring to help you keep your servers running efficiently and trouble-free. Trouble shooting is available upon request.

RESTRICTIONS: We only accept rack mount servers, with proper mounting hardware.

PRICING: Monthly cost and setup fees are determined by server size. Bandwidth is priced separately. See our contact page for a quote today.

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Secure, monitored facility,
accessible 24x7,
redundant power systems,
floating batteries,
and lots more...

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